Screaming fish
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No, It’s Photoshop.
Can we change the shirt, or make her look healthier, younger, or blonde? We manage the retouching needs for industries as diverse as cosmetics, food & beverage, interior design, museums, and private clients. At Screaming Fish our clients benefit from our industry expertise, personalized attention, and the sense of ownership we take in every project.
Some of the Photo Restoration & Retouching Techniques available:
--restoration and repair of old or damaged photos or documents
--lightening or darkening photos --background replacement
--colorize or color correction and removing color casts
--digital cosmetic surgery (teeth whitening, removing wrinkles, body    slimming, etc.)
--combining people or objects from other photos
--removing people or objects from photos
--photo collage
--special effects and creative techniques
--conversion to black and white or sepia tint
… or whatever you can imagine.


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